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The stunning city of Troyes is 40km from the campsite and a must-visit for architecture fans.

Troyes is the historic capital of the Champagne region alongside Reims. It is known as the city of ten churches and is a dream destination for fans of architecture and history. It's also full of factory outlets so you can shop ‘til you drop without blowing the budget. The city is made up of nine areas each with its own atmosphere and history. Some streets have kept their names since the Middle Ages just as some houses have retained their cellars. The city has been so well preserved that a trader from the great Champagne Fairs would surely be able to spot his stand's position today. Troyes' houses were built identically in the 16th century to keep Champagne's medieval architecture alive.

The city of Troyes exudes its many passions through its craftsmen, museums and pretty streets. Dive into the art of stained glass at Atelier Vinum which has been run by several generations of Master Glassmakers from the Vinum family. It is open to the public and you can watch the painstaking work that goes into making stained glass. There are lots of things to see and do during your time in Troyes.

To visit :
-The Saint-Loup Museum: the Museum of Fine Arts and Archaeology is located in the Saint-Loup Abbey, which originally occupied the site of the current Saint-Martin-ès-Aires Abbey.
-The Vauluisant Museum: a museum in Troyes dedicated to 16th century Trojan art and hosiery
-The Museum of Tools and Worker Thought: It houses a collection of tools from the 17th and 18th centuries that are exceptional in their richness and diversity.