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What sets Reims apart from other French cities is its fascinating past.

Reims has been a sacred place for the French Kings since Clovis in 498. Its gothic cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage site as is the Palais du Tau and former Saint-Remi Abbey, both in Reims. In Roman times, the city of Reims (called Durocortorum) was a trading hub and the most populated city north of Rome. Around 200AD, the Cryptoporticus was built by the Gallo-Romans and you can now visit the last relic of the building, the Porte Mars. The covered corridors were built to store grain and few are still standing today.

Reims is a must-visit for history lovers but its Art Deco centre has something for everyone. It's a great example of 1920s architecture as Reims to cover the scars of World War I. There are lots of museums and trips available so keep your eyes peeled for floral decoration typical of Art Deco architecture. You simply have to visit Reims during your stay in the region.